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we, that is a bunch of friends seeking to create spaces. sometimes remote spaces, offsides the cities we usually inhabit, sometimes within, underneath, all above or very in-between. We want to free up space for being what we want to be, time and again testing what we could possibly be.

we suggest you do the same.

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Breinachten /w Just Emma, Dave Echo, Prophet Love, Enra, Kevin Kollabo, Glitzer Spritzer, Seb & Too Much Mana| 25.12.2016 | U-Club Wuppertal

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mopskopf is odd. It’s cuddly and sometimes a bit grunty. Mopskopf prevents time of being ordinary by presenting artists without boundaries. Mopskopf won’t sell souls, but guaranty quality.

Platz der Republik 5
42107 Wuppertal

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